It’s a right time to drive a campaign to save water.

It is important to take steps to make sure about groundwater recharge before hitting water scarcity
Its not good to decide that we are out of water scarcity problem in the very beginning of rainy season. Not only Bantwal taluk but it’s time to provide right guidance to all the our people of Dakshina Kannada regarding saving water

Water level reduction:

Bantwal taluk includes hill areas But, people are leveling these hills. hence this is reducing the water level and resisting water absorption capacity of the land as per experts. Its not the time to act and join our hands to improve ground water level and save water for our future generation

How do we save water:

In a city if there are five lakhs people then we would need 33,000crores litres of water in total considering 150 liters per person. This is the water usage calculation per day. If we save rain water we can save 4 months of save water. If we implement rain water harvesting it’s profitable in this regards. Per five cent land we can install 6 recharge Pitts